Sunday Bridge Building: Volume I

Building Bridges Around The WebI have always enjoyed reading various people’s round up posts that share the best things that they’ve come across lately.

I’ve also always enjoyed reading monthly updates that fellow bloggers use as an accountability tool and to share high level updates with their readers.

I started off sharing a monthly update here at VOSA but the format just never felt right to me.  I quickly abandoned these updates but I never abandoned the idea.

Recently I noticed that one of my favorite bloggers, Chris Guillebeau started sharing a roundup style post that he calls “6 Discoveries From Near and Far“.  After reading the first two volumes, the format that he uses really started to resonate with me.  It’s quick, simple and to the point.

I’ve decide to adopt Chris’ format for a weekly roundup post that will be going out each and every Sunday that will provide you some bridges to cross so you can find other great content around the web.

Let’s get started…

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