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Easy Ways To Save Money

There are a number of different ways to save money and help pay down debt or save for a big ticket items.

Some people go to extremes, but here at Vosa we believe a balanced life is most comfortable.

33 Easy Ways To Save More Money

  1. Shop around for home insurance and car insurance, and compare the overall annual fee. Go with the lowest annual rate that still gives you the coverage you desire.  Also ask your insurance agent to show you the price difference for your policy based on the size of the deductible.  Typically, the higher the detectable the lower the premium.  Just choose a deductible you can handle in the event you need to make a claim on your insurance.
  2. Keep healthy snacks, like almonds or protein powder,  in your office drawers as well as your car. Women you can keep snacks in your purse. High protein snakes make you feel full longer which can help you avoid fast-food drive-thrus and expensive trips to the vending machine!
  3. Instead of the expensive salon, consider getting your hair cut at a teaching school. Ask for a student in their final year. You can get some great hair care by someone who is very close to graduating.
  4. Place a kitchen timer in your bathroom, and give yourself a time limit for your showers. Less water usage adds up over time and will lower your water bill and the environment will thank you too!
  5. Pay attention to sales and promotional offers at the grocery store. If a store is out of a product on sale, ask for a rain-check and do not consider buying it until it goes on sale again.
  6. Bring your own tea or coffee to work, rather than spending money at Starbucks!
  7. Pay down your credit card debt, and do not incur new debt. Credit card interest is killer. If you cannot pay off your debt, consider doing a 0% interest balance transfer to give yourself more time.
  8. Wash and dry your clothes during non-peak hours. Often in many cities electricity is less at non prime-time hours.
  9. When it is your birthday, many restaurants will let you eat for free, or at least get a free dessert! Make sure to bring your ID, as many restaurants will ask for it.
  10. When inviting people over, consider making it a potluck. That way everyone brings a dish they can try, and the expense is spread out. Make sure to specify what people are bringing, as otherwise everyone will bring desserts!
  11. Stop buying lottery tickets. The odds are not in your favour. Better use of your money to save it.
  12. When completing milestones, such as your 25th birthday, or retiring, make sure to let your insurance company know. Your payments may decrease if you’re driving less since retiring.
  13. Drive safe. No tickets and no accidents means lower insurance rates and no big bills from the bodyshop!
  14. Pack your lunch to work instead of buying it. This will save you $8-12 a day, which adds up to $2,500-$3,000 a year! Reinvest that money instead. Do this over 20 years, with a reasonable 6% return and you could save over $100,00!
  15. If you do not use your land line often or need it for your security system, consider cancelling it and using your cell phone as your only phone number.
  16. Make sure your cellular phone plan has free evening and weekend minutes that start as early as possible. Try to do all your phone calls during these times, whenever possible.
  17. Automate your savings. This is the easiest and best way to save and make money and spending the 1-2 hours to set this up can have a massive and positive impact on your financial health.  You can literally set yourself with an automated savings plan in a matter of minutes.  I believe this is called “set it and forget it” and it works.
  18. Resole your dress shoes and boots instead of purchasing new ones.
  19. Carpool, take public transportation or bike to work instead of driving. Then let your car insurance company know you’re driving less as this might save you a few more bucks on your insurance premium.
  20. Instead of calling long distance, use Skype or Google Talk. Facetime too, if you have an iphone. Be careful though, and make sure to do it on a WiFi network and not your cellular data plan.
  21. Want to save $50-$100 a month? Cancel your TV cable use Hulu and Netflix instead.
  22. Instead of buying music, consider streaming it online with Pandora or Songza.
  23. eBay for designer brands of clothing rather than buying new.
  24. Force yourself to wait at least a day, or a week, to think things over before making any large purchases.
  25. Buy razor blades in bulk, at Costco, amazon or other wholesale.
  26. Speaking of buying in bulk, if you are single or have a small family, consider joining up with friends or family to purchase bulk products together to save further money.
  27. Rather than throwing money away in rent, consider buying a house that you can have roommates to rent to and use their rent payments towards the mortgage. Additionally when your children go to study at university you can buy a well-located house and have the tenants pay for your child’s housing through their rent payments.  In order to buy a home or a rental property you will need to save enough money for a down payment and have an excellent credit score.  This is another reason why #17 is so important.
  28. Go to the library for the latest magazines, books, audiobooks and DVDs. The popular ones you can put your name on a waiting list and reserve it.
  29. Cancel your extra features on your cell phone. Do you really need that deluxe voice mail box?
  30. When you get a raise, pretend you did not and automatically put the extra money into a saving account. Reason being you have learned to live without that extra money, so if you never have them you certainly will not miss the money if you never have it. 
  31. Turn down the heat during the winter and wear a sweater. In the summer, keep the air conditioning off and use a fan and cold glasses of water.  Or, in the spirit of automation, invest in a Nest Learning Thermostat which will automatically set the temperature of your home based on your patterns which will lower your heating and cooling bills and look uber sexy on the wall while doing it.
  32. Set a weekly saving budget. If you rule out the Starbucks, fast food, impulse purchases, and more you will be surprised at just how much you can save.
  33. What is your favorite easy money saving tip?  Leave it in the comments below.
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