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There are many reasons why a business owner would want to know which are the best business rewards credit cards.  Mainly they are looking to get something in return for using their business rewards credit card for their business expenses.

For most people, I recommend a travel rewards credit card since you can typically get enough bonus air miles when you sign up and spend a specific amount during the bonus period to get a free domestic flight.  For business owners, especially those who are spending hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars per year on business expenses I suggest you compare the travel rewards to the business reward credit cards offers below.

The reason I recommend that business owners primarily use a business rewards card is because their business spending typically out paces their travel needs.  If a business owner is spending $300,000 per year on business expenses he/she would be able to take 12 flights per year that were 25,000 air miles each.  If that is more than the business owner would be want or be able to use they are better off getting a 2% cash back bonus ($6,000 for this example) rather than a bunch of air miles he/she will never use.  Consider the business owner with $2 million dollars in business expenses per year.  That amount would equal 80 round trip flight or $40,000 in cash back.

If you are a business owner who’s business spending out paces your travel wants/needs than I suggest you apply for a business rewards credit card.