This Is What I’m Doing To Get Unstuck

Are you in a rut? Overwhelmed? Or just plain stuck in the mud? I’ve been there, we all have. I’ve been stuck for the past three months on this blog. More on that in a bit. Sometimes when you’re in the middle of the forest it’s hard to see anything but the trees right in front of you. When you’re blinded, it’s hard to find the right answer. I saw this video, and it got me thinking. Sometimes the answer is as easy as “walking off […]

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The Valentine’s Day Tradition Where I Spend $4 For Dinner

How To Save Money On Valentines Day Dinner

I’ll spend $4 for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner this year that my fiancé has been talking about in anticipation all year. (See the photographic evidence below). I should also mention that in the past two years combined I’ve spent less than $12 total going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day. How do I get away with spending so little on a dinner for two? Especially on Valentine’s Day? The main reason is I have an incredibly amazing fiancé who I can’t believe I’ll be […]

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How To Lower Your PayPal Credit Card Processing Fees

How To Lower PayPay Fees

A little while back I had a side hustle where I sold more than $250,000.00 worth of stuff on eBay. There was one mistake that I made that ended up costing me money and I don’t like silly mistakes that eat into profits. The worst part is that it could have been avoided by doing less than five minutes worth of “work”.

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The Psychological Hack That Can Help You Save $1,431.00 (or More) in 2015

VOSA Psycological Hack That Can Help Change Your Money Mindset in 2015

[Be sure to read to the end of the post so you can access your special bonus that can help keep you on track with your savings goal in 2015.] What would you do with an extra $1,431.00 in your savings account next year? What if saving that money was easy, pain free and was able to change your mindset that can set yourself to be a super-saver for the rest of your life. Of course, like anything, I can’t guarantee that this will work […]

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M$M007: Making Money as a Rideshare Driver

Make Money Rideshare Driver

The 7th installment of Make Money Monday (M$M) is brought to you by Harry Campbell a.k.a. “The Rideshare Guy”. Sidecar, Uber & Lyft – you’ve probably heard of at least one of them by now. These companies are all part of the “sharing economy” and use a smartphone app to connect people from Point A to Point B. If you’re unfamiliar with how ridesharing companies work, the brief summary is that they are similar to a taxi service. However, unlike traditional taxi services, these new […]

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The New VOSA: What To Expect

What To Expect From VOSA

Change. Pivot. Crumple up the page and start again. There are lots of ways to describe taking a new direction and there are even more reasons why people decided to make changes. You might have noticed that VOSA has experienced some changes lately. You might have noticed that there has been a small logo update, a full site redesign and a strange lack of posts while all this change was taking place behind the scenes. In case you can’t remember, this is what VOSA looked […]

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A Minimalist’s Challenge: Dealing with Your Partner’s Stuff

Steve Jobs Minimalist

Today’s post is from staff writer Melanie. For as long as I could remember, I have been a minimalist. I don’t like stuff. It actually overwhelms me at times. I have a huge disdain for shopping, which I know makes me some sort of freak as I do biologically identify as a female (but how much of that is cultural conditioning, I wonder). But shopping, especially clothes shopping, simply represents a plethora of choices and inevitable disappointment. Clothes never fit the way you want, it […]

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Should I Make A Christmans Wish List?

Christmans Wish List

[Today’s post is by staff writer Stefanie] I always thought making a list of gifts for Christmas or my birthday or another gift giving occasion was a bit presumptuous. After all, isn’t it a little rude and entitled to expect or assume you’ll be given gifts? And once you hand over a list, are you not making someone feel obligated to buy you something even if they weren’t planning on it? While I still have that nagging feeling of uneasiness for gift list making, I’ve […]

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