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VOSA is looking to feature talented personal fiance writers, video-bloggers and even podcasters too!

We are currently seeking articles, videos, podcasts, eBooks, mini-courses and even full blown courses about:

  • Making more money (how to get a raise, side hustles, freelancing, starting a business, etc.)
  • Saving more money (tips and tricks, tools/apps, automation, etc.)
  • Travel hacking (examples, tips and tricks, unique travel hacking methods, etc.)
  • Investing (stocks and other “traditional” investment vehicles, non-traditional investments, 401k, IRA, Roth IRA, etc.)
  • Credit Cards (tips and tricks, travel hacking, churning credit cards, credit card benefits, etc.)
  • Debt (personal stories about paying down debt, personal stories about your current debt situation and payoff plan, creative ways to pay down debt, using 0% balance transfers, etc.)
  • Books (recommendations and reviews)
  • Etc.!  (Be creative)

Why You Would Want To Contribute To VOSA

 How To Submit Content To VOSA

  1. Apply to be a contributor by clicking the button at the bottom of this page
  2. Check your email to confirm your interest to be a contributor
  3. Submit a topic, multiple topics and/or talk to our editors to be assigned a topic via email
  4. Create and submit an outline for approval by our editors.  Include the PayPal email address you’d like to be paid through.
  5. Complete your article/video/podcast/eBook/course/etc.
  6. Submit your contribution for editorial review
  7. Once your submission has been approved you will be paid your talent fee via PayPal
  8. Submit another topic, multiple topics and/or talk to our editors to be assigned another topic and do it all over again!

How Much Will You Get Paid

Payments vary based on the type of content you’re submitting and the length but the sky is really the limit.  Talent fees will vary based on a few factors that you will discuss with our editors.  Here are some general payment guidelines but we recommend discussing payment with our editors (especially if you have a popular blog, large social media following, an email newsletter, etc.):

  • For a 500-750 word written article: Free Exposure-$20
  • For a 750-1,950 work written article: $20-$50
  • For a video under 10 minutes: $10-$25
  • For a video between 10 and 30 minutes: $25-$50
  • For a 1-3 hour video mini-course: $100-$250
  • For a full 8+ hour video mastery level course: $500-$1,250
  • eBook: varies based on length and topic
  • Podcast: varies based on length and topic

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