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Each week I like to take a few minutes to look back on what was accomplished around my office, my life and, of course, here at Vosa.

This edition of Financial Friday is special as it’s highlights a new focus for the site as well as a FREE prize.  Keep reading to find out.

This week was about balance for me.

There are times where I allow myself to get consumed with the many projects I have going on and my work-life-balance can get a little out of whack.

There are time when, even though I’m not working my mind is still focused on the project, what I need to do next, what I could have done better, etc.  Even though I appear to be present, I think that people can sense that part of my mind is elsewhere.

Being able to completely get away from work is something that I’m constantly working on improving this year and on Thursday I had a breakthrough.  Sort of.

For months I’ve been saying to myself that I needed to go skiing but I kept putting it off as there was always another chunk of a project to work on.  Finally on Wednesday I decided that this weekend I was going to go skiing no matter what.

A quick look at the weather report showed that the mountains were expecting -29C (-20F) over the weekend which did not get me excited.  I did notice that yesterday was supposed to be -6C (21F) which was a lot more appealing.

We all know that there are amazing apps these days that make our lives easier.  Couple that with an automated marketing plan, passive income and financial automation means that the show DOES go on without you being in your office.

A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world. John le Carre With the weather forecast and the amazing quote from John le Carre in mind I decided to go skiing on Thursday!  I went up to the mountains with my Mom and we had an amazing day, great snow and a lot of fun.

So why did I say that it was “sort of” a breakthrough?  Well, on the drive to the mountains I received an offer on a rental property that I have listed for sale.  Throughout the day I had to check my email, call my agent, send text message counters, etc.

I’m still working the deal but will be sure to report the outcome next week to Vosa Insiders so be sure to sign up to receive the exclusive content sent directly to your inbox.  

It didn’t get in the way of a ski day and, I’m sure you will agree, that the view from my “office” yesterday was pretty amazing!

Skiing on Weekday

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FREE Prize

I’ve been running a contest where you can win 1 of 10 copies of one of my favorite personal finance books.  Time is running out to enter, so make sure you click here to enter to win today before it’s too late!

The response to this contest has been amazing!  If you haven’t entered yet, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to win a copy of this book… even if you’ve read it before, you could give it away to someone who you think might want to read it as well.

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