How I Bought James Bond’s Watch With Pennies, Nickles, Dimes & Quarters (and Saved $2,485)
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Bond.  James Bond.  I own his watch.

I’ve always been a watch guy and have had my eye on a luxury watch from the time I was very young.

For a long time I would just ogle the watches at the local jewelry store saying to myself in my best Garth from Wayne’s World voice “someday she will be mine, oh yes, someday she will be mine.”

When I went off to college I devised a plan where by the end of my four five years I would be able to buy James Bond’s watch.

Let’s be honest for a second here, a $4,980 wristwatch that does the same thing as any other watch is completely frivolous and falls close to the top of the list when it comes to completely unnecessary things to spend money on.

The sticker prince on the watch was close to five grand yet I had figured out a way that I could buy the watch using pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters while saving $2,485 in the process.

Here is the story about how I bought James Bond’s watch with loose change while saving $2,485.

Big Piggy Bank Savings PlanWhen I started my freshman year of college I decided to get a very large piggy bank where I would take all the change in my pocket from that day and put it in the piggy bank.

I decided I was going to do this everyday for the entire four five years when I was in college and then when I graduated from my Biomedical Engineering program I would take all that money and buy myself this completely frivolous watch.

To put how unreasonable this purchase was, buying it would mean spending more on a watch than I had ever spent on a car!

This idea sounded crazy back then and it still sounds crazy as I write this.  Never the less, in June of 2009 I pulled the trigger and purchased a brand new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch and I LOVE it!

Now, this didn’t work out completely planned.  You see, I graduated a number of years before I actually bought the watch.  What happened was that after I graduated the piggy bank was close to about half full (I’m always an optimist) and I had no idea how much money was in the piggy bank.

I decided I wanted to keep plugging it with my loose change until it was completely full.

I keep on plugging that piggy bank with my loose change, some $1 bills and the odd $20 (probably after a night out).

The bank was getting closer and closer to filling up and I was getting more and more excited.  Then everything changed.

I decided to move a few thousand miles and decided that I didn’t want to lug the piggy bank with me since it weighed so much.  Of course I made this decision when the night before I was to hit the road and the minivan I rented was packed to the brim.

Bucket Full of CoinsI figured I would have to roll the coins for the bank to take them, so I stayed up until 4 AM rolling all of the loose change that I had spent close to a decade collecting.

In the end I had just a little over $2,000.  To be honest, I was a little disappointed that I “only” had $2,000 after nearly 10 years of savings my spare change.  I decided that I would need to be patient and hopefully find a used Omega for that price.

Then the global economy melted down and luxury item sales went soft.  I kept my eyes on Amazon and eBay to see if someone was selling their Omega on the cheap.  

What happened next, I would have never imagined.  Amazon listed a brand new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean for $2,395  I pounced and bought it using the change that I saved up little by little for close to a decade.  

Now, I love my watch but to be honest, it does nothing that my iPhone doesn’t do.  It tells me the date and time and that’s just about it.  I don’t regret buying it, especially since I used my coins to do so but I wish I would have put that money towards something that would have made a bigger impact on my life.  

That being said, I timed the purchase just right as just a few short years later the new ones are back to selling for $4,475 and there are used ones on ebay that are selling for more than I paid for mine.

Used Omeaga Sold

I’ve thought about selling it lately since I don’t wear it as much as I once did but it carries a lot of sentimental value and it’s a fun story to tell when people ask about it.  I’m going to hang onto it for now… who knows, maybe one day I’ll pass it and this story down.

What do you think?  What this a reasonable way to make a completely unreasonable purchase?  Or should have I put the money to better use somewhere else?  Please leave me a comment below. Thanks!

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