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Walmart Money Card

The WalMart Money Card is very popular prepaid debit card that is accepted anywhere VISA is accepted making it act like a credit card even though the funds are being debited from your bank account.

Since most people do a fair amount of shopping at WalMart, you can take advantage of this great offer and register at the Customer Service Desk. For only three dollars you can get a temporary WalMart VISA Debit Card and this allows you to pre-load it up to a maximum of $300 initial balance.

Shortly after you sign up the actual card will arrive in the mail and you will either login online at Walmartmoneycard.com or call a toll free number to activate the permanent card.

Using the WalMart Card is advantageous to you if finding yourself shopping at WalMart. When you purchase products from WalMart and use your WalMart VISA Debit Card Card you can get up to $100 without incurring any fees.

If you don’t shot at WalMart, then consider getting a but know we only recommend that if you have lost access to or do not qualify (for one reason or another) to have a bank account meaning that you would be unable to get a debit card or credit card from your bank.  One thing to know is, prepaid debit cards very straightforward. All you need to provide is a verified birth date and be able to identify yourself.

It is important to keep your receipt in a safe place because it has your unique activation code on it. Another benefit of the WalMart Money Card is it can let parents have a second card for their children. If you want to help your son or daughter understand the importance of money as well as using a credit card, but are not ready to let them have their own credit card yet (to keep their credit score intact).

Many parents will give their children a per-determined amount for them to manage and learn the benefits and risks of having a credit card, without damaging their credit score.

Overall the WalMart Money Visa Debit Card is an excellent opportunity for someone just starting out, or someone who has some credit issues in the past. You never need to be concerned about overspending, and you avoid expensive overdraft fees and promotes responsible spending without incurring more debt.

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