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VOSA November Review

November was a month full of playing catch up from my time off in October.  Luckily the majority of my personal finance tasks are automated so I could continue to focus on building my businesses and achieving my goals.

The first half of the month was spent working on catching up on the obscene amounts of email I get (has anyone figured out how to tame this?!?!?) as well as making some decisions on some work being done at some of my properties.

I’m in the middle of flipping my first property right now (I’ve been strictly a buy-and-hold guy so far) and we got the majority of the work scheduled for December and hope to have it on the market in early January.  I have been taking detailed notes of this process and will be sharing the details with all of the Vosa Insiders before I share it publicly on the site.

Here is a recap of what went on here at vosa.com as well as some articles from around the web that are worth reading.

November VOSA Articles

Here are the new articles that were published on VOSA during the month of November.

I was lucky to be able to write about one of my favorite things, travel hacking, which allows me to do two things I love: see the world and save money while doing so!

We also had an interesting discussion about how the little credit daemons that may live in your closet can come back to bite you when it’s time to get a loan for a mortgage, vehicle, etc.

Of course I cannot forget to mention the Vosa Book Club where I share with you strategic business books that are very well worth your time to read.  Click here to sign up for the Vosa Book Club.

Great Articles From Around The Web

Here are just a few of the articles I enjoyed reading this past month.

  • Omg. Spotted in the playroom at a Hong Kong pre-school. #bankerbabies via @sanchanta – Not an article but you should treat this like fair warning.   Maybe it’s time to start exposing kids in the Western world to things like this earlier or even just any exposure at all.
  • 8 Things Entrepreneurs Should Be Thankful For via @untemplater – A good article that highlights some of the reasons one should be thankful to be an entrepreneur.  Even if you’re not an entrepreneur it’s a good article to provoke some thought about what you should be thankful for in your life.
  • Top 6 Reasons to Look Your Bank Statements Over Carefully via @ColorMeFrugal – This article reminded me of the time that I somehow ended up with 2 subscriptions to Hulu Plus for too many months than I care to admit because I wasn’t keeping a close enough eye on my credit card statement.
  • Happily losing $13,000 via @retirein1500 – As an Entrepreneur it’s sometimes hard to see the forest through the trees when the focus is making money and maximizing your return on investment.  This article by Mr. 1500 (check out his site to see why) is a good reminder that sometimes the best decision isn’t always the one that makes financial sense.
  • Andre Agassi Discusses Life and Career Post-Tennis via@AndreAgassi & @leehawkins – Andre was, and still is, one of my heroes.  First for his tennis career and now for the amazing work he is doing with education in America.  I had the pleasure of briefly meeting him at a book signing in Vegas and the more I read and hear about his work off the court the more impressed and inspired I am.  Keep it up Andre!
  • Almost Free Tip to Australia (A Travel Hacking Case Study) via @chrisguillebeau – As I mentioned above, traveling and saving money are two of my favorite things.  For anything who hasn’t travel hacked before this can be an eye opening case study as Chris literally saves thousands and thousands of dollars on his trip to Australia.

How was your November?  What did you accomplish?  What do you have planned for December?  Do you have any good articles related to personal finance that you want to share with myself and the VOSA readers?  If so, please leave a comment below.  Thanks!

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