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What is on menu for 5 dollarsIf your mind immediately went to a dirty place don’t worry, you won’t be disapointed as I’ll share with you later in this article.

That being said, the main focus of what’s on the menu for $5 will not be dirty.  Instead I will show you an amazing way to save a ton of money on things like logo and business card designs, voice overs, marketing, video commercials, blog content and so much more.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years you have probably already heard of the amazing marketplace called Fiverr.

Fiverr has more than 2 million services being offered starting at only $5 (see why it’s called “fiverr”?).

I’ll be the first to admit there are lots of gigs on Fiverr that don’t add much value.  But, like most things, if you look hard enough you can usually find the diamonds in the rough where you will get incredible value for $5.

Let’s take a look at 12 gigs that can save you a ton of money.

Here Are 12 Gigs on Fiverr That Are More Delicious Than A Cinnabon

1. Logo Design

This is probably one of the best places to start with Fiverr as getting a logo designed for $5 is, for all intensive purposes, almost free.  Just look at the difference between using fiverr for logo design when compared to 99designs.com where your logo design starts at $299.00 and can go up to $1,199.00+!

fiverr logo design prices

99designs logo design price

Will the quality of your logo design be anywhere near as good when you’re paying $5 vs. $299-$1,199?  You know, it very well might be since there are some very talented logo designers on fiverr.  Plus, at $5, you can afford to order 3, 4, 5, 10 or more iterations from different designers to have some options to choose from.

Plus, many of the logo design gigs on fiverr include revisions.  This means that you get to ask the designer for changes to their original design for free.  Make sure to read the description of the gig to see if, and how many, revisions are included in the $5 price.

99designs.com is also a great place to get high quality logo design.  If you’re an established brand or you already have a business that is making a profit and you want to run a design contest so you can choose from many different designs then 99designs is a great place to go.  If you’re just getting started or if you simply just want to save some money on your next logo design, I recommend you check out the logo design gigs on fiverr.

I just ordered a logo redesign with some holiday flair.  It’s set to be delivered in 2 days or less and yes, it was only $5.  This can be a great way to add some festiveness to your logo during different seasons of the year.

2. Professional Videos

If you’re looking to have a professional video done to highlight your product, service or company then I’m sure you know that they will set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Having video on your site can really help to engage visitors and video is an excellent medium to explain things to your potential customers.

I’m blown away that, in this gig, you can literally get a 200 word script read by a professional for $5.  That’s insane!  Just look at how much a good digital camera and green screen kit costs.

They will read your script and you will have a choice of backgrounds that you’d like to use.  Here are just two possibiliites, the first being a Tosh.0 style setting and the second is a nice fire-side chat by the Christmas tree.  Click here to see the other options.

Professional Video on Fiverr for $5

Examples of a gig on fiverr where you can get a professional video shot for only $5

If you’re going to order a professional video, please don’t even consider ordering a fake user testimonial.  This is highly illegal in many countries around the world and can land you in some hot water with the authorities.  Please only use these videos to explain your product, service or announce an upcoming sale or promotion.

 3. Website Review

Here is an example where “talented usability experts” will review your website and make recommendations that they feel will lead to increased user experience and sales.

Fiverr Website Review

64 People have rated this seller at 100% for the website review service for only $5

It’s important to make not that this gig has been ordered by 64 different people and they all have rated the seller at 100%.  Reviewing the seller’s rating is a great way to make sure that you’re ordering a gig from a reputable seller where you will be happy with the $5 you spent.

Again, I’m amazed that someone is willing to review your website, provide actionable changes you can make as well as follow up with a free 20 minute Skype call to go over what they have found.

4. Professional Voice Over

Professional voice over work, just like it’s cousin the professional videos mentioned above, is never cheap.  The go-to microphone for this type of work is over $300 and that doesn’t even include the mixer or the sound editing software.

In this gig, you’re working with a TV personality from Australia who has been featured on more than 1,000 segments on television and has been hired by over 2,100 people on fiverr!  The gig includes up to 50 words and can be done in many different formats from funny to serious and everything in between.  Click here to see some of the real work provided for other clients.

Just like with the video service above, don’t order professional voice over services in the form of a fake user testimonial.  This is highly illegal in most countries around the world and can kill any reputation and credibility with potential clients and customers.  It’s not worth it!

5. Music (i.e. The Famous 10 Second Song)

You can get all kinds of songs written and performed by talented artists offering up their services on fiverr.  The 10 second song guy is just one of the many examples.  Basically he will perform any song that you have written as long as it’s 10 seconds or less.  Of course you can buy the gig’s extras to add more time to video, have him write the lyrics or even get a custom backdrop for your video.

10 Second Song Guy

Click here to see some sample 10 seconds songs in rock, heavy metal, R&B + many more

This could be a really fun way to get your message across very quickly.  Not only will you get a great little video where you can promote your company but it will make you think about your unique selling position as you will only have 10 seconds to get your message across.

A gig like this could also be used as a creative way to invite friends to a party or make a big announcement in style.

It goes without saying (as I’ve said it twice already in this post) don’t use the famous 10-second-song-guy to pretend to be one of your past customers providing a testimonial.

6. Travel Tips From Locals

If you want to get off of the beaten path when you’re traveling you might want to consider ordering travel tips from a local on fiverr.  You can search through the gigs to find one for the city you’re traveling to.  Once you order you will receive travel tips from locals that tend to know the hidden gems in their cities as well as the must-see-tourist destinations.

Here are just a few travel tip gigs from fiverr:

Travel tips from a local on fiverr

7. Advertising & Marketing

Fiverr is a great place to get some excellent exposure online for only $5 a pop.  There are lots of providers on fiverr who have popular blogs, podcasts, large amount of twitter followers and facebook fans that you can target for only $5.

Here are some examples where you can have your app marketed on websites that provide app reviews and typically have a large following already.  This is great, not only if you’re just getting started marketing your product but also for the large and established player in your niche.  Being able to get exposure to get your (for example) golf app, product or service tweeting out to 30,000+ followers is a great way to gain exposure quickly.

If you’re using this service make sure the ad copy that you’re having them tweet or post on their website follows all of the rule and regulations in your country and your target markets.  You cannot (and should not) be using these kinds of gigs to create false testimonials.

8. Facebook Likes

Do you have a brand new fanpage that doesn’t even have 25 fans so you can set your branded URL?  The quickest and easiest way to get to 25+ fans is to simply buy facebook likes on fiverr.  If you want to build up more than 25 fans for social proof or ego boosting you can literally buy thousands and thousands of facebook likes.

Buy Facebook Likes Fiverr

Buying facebook likes can be a great way to win a photo contest

What about buying facebook likes on a photo to win one of the many contests that are held on facebook and decided by the number of facebook likes (a much better option is running a contest where you can avoid these like-buying-shenanigans)?  Of course this is a viable option as long as you can sleep at night if you go this route.

Please note: you will get zero value from these facebook fans and when you use facebook ads or promoted posts you will be spending money advertising to these fake fans.  This is money wasted.  This is why I only recommend you buy a small like package to get your fanpage over the 25-like minimum so you’re able to brand the URL.  You can also, of course, reach out to friends and family to try to get over the 25-like minimum but it’s faster and involves much less begging if you just buy 50 likes or less.

9. Infographics

If executed correctly, infographics can really boost traffic and exposure to your website.

Kissmetrics spend clost to $30,000 having infograpics produced over two years which might feel really expensive.  Those 47 infographics lead to 2,512,596 visitors and was responsible for 41,359 tweets and 20,859 facebook likes.  If they would have spend money on buying traffic instead they would have spent more than $125,000 if they would have paid just $0.05/visitor.  Plus, as an added bonus, the inforgraphics remain live on their site forever where a visitor that arrives to your site through paid traffic might not add any value down the road.

I have a few inforgraphics in the works, so stay tuned.

10. Custom Whiteboard Messages

Have you seen a custom white board message where a product, service or step-by-step instructions are displayed in a captivating way?  This would take a long time and very neat handwriting for you to pull this off on your own.  If you want to have one of these videos on your website, YouTube channel, etc. I recommending finding an excellent provider on fiverr and ordering a gig.

Custom Whiteboard Video

A custom whiteboard message is another great service being offered for only $5 at fiverr.com

11. Cartoons

If you want to have a unique profile picture, or have a friend turned into a cartoon character look no futher than fiverr’s cartoon gigs.  You can usually find someone to draw yourself or a friend as a cartoon in virtually any style.  This can be a fun way to create a one of a kind thank you card, or come up with an avatar that you use in your gravatar profile picture.

The options are virtually endless.  See for yourself :

Cartoon on Fiverr

Here is an example where someone use one of these creative cartoon gigs to reach out to established bloggers who he looked up to so he could thank them in a very unique way.

12. Custom Video Intro

If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your videos, you should consider adding a custom video intro.  Two things to consider when adding these custom intros: 1) make them short and to the point.  2) Hook your watchers first with content before you splash your intro bit.  Having a long, boring and non-value-adding video splash opener that you have playing before any contest starts will very likely reduce the amount of engagement you have with your watchers.  People make split second decisions if they want to keep watching so don’t sabotage your efforts.

How To Make The Most of Fiverr

Be aware that there aren’t any entrance exams or test to pass to become a fiverr seller.

Keep this in mind when you’re deciding on which seller to purchase a gig from.  Based on my experience it’s best to sort the gigs by “high rating” since the ratings are left by actual past customers of that gig.

Sort Fiverr Gigs

Based on my experience, it’s best to sort fiverr gigs based on “high rating”

Using feedback from past buyers is a great way to increase the chances that you will be happy with the outcome of your fiverr gig.

You should also note that the seller have to estimate the delivery time of your gig.  Most will have an option to pay extra if you need the gig delivered quicker than their normal delivery time.  Before paying more for the same gig just to have it delivered quicker, I recommend you shop around and check out the delivery times that are offered by the other top rated sellers for the same kind of gigs.

It’s also best to contact the seller before you buy to ask all of the questions you might have.  If the seller doesn’t get back to you quickly (or at all) it’s probably best to choose a different seller.

Fiverr doesn’t make it easy to find the link to click to contact the sellers anymore for some reason.  They hide it in small text shown below:

Contact Seller on Fiverr

Fiverr makes it hard to find the “contact me” link, but here it is

What Do You Think?

Have you ever used fiverr.com?  If you haven’t, would you consider using it?  Let me know what you think about being able to buy services online for $5 by leaving a comment below.

P.s. I did mention that there were some dirty gigs on fiverr.  They typically fall into the “alternative forms of advertising” category where people will write things on their various body parts.

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