And The Winner Is...
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Are you one of the winners?

A little while back I decided to give away 10 copies of one of my favorite personal finance book.

This book, and the idea of automating your finances and paying yourself first are two of the most important lessons in personal finance.

If you aren’t one of the 10 winners, I still highly suggest that you read this amazing book.

Drum roll please!

And the winners are:

  • Done by Forty
  • Rebeccah
  • Lisa Raymond
  • Lisa Emperador
  • Kathleen Bryant
  • Marcy Dzielinski
  • Mel Bondar
  • Brian
  • Jane Tyler
  • Ryan Herbert

If your name is on this list, please click here and enter your mailing address so I know where to send the book.

Ready For The Next Contest?

I am a huge fan of travel hacking and using airmiles to travel for cheap or free. If would like to start building up your airmiles so you too can travel for free I have a great contest that you’re not going to want to miss.

Right now US Airways is offering a 40,000 bonus point (with qualifying transactions) when you sign up for their The US Airways Premier World MasterCard.

Until the end of March 2014 these points can be used on any airline in the Start Alliance as well as American Airlines, Jet Airwairs, Hawaiian Airlines, Qatar and Royal Jordanian Airlines (see details).

On top of being able to kickstart your travel hacking with a big sign up bonus, I am giving away 10,000 US Airways Miles to one lucky winner!  Remember, these can be used to book rewards flights on American Airlines and many more airlines.

Click here to enter to win 10,000 US Airways Dividend Miles!

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